Sunday, October 10, 2010

Yeya- lost mojo!!!

Hi scrappers!!

well i think i have lost my mojo! it must have gone out on vacation and not told me. I do wish it would return!!! I have so much to do, i have to scrapbook albums to work on. I have some frames to make for my mother in law. I got a card done for a bday card but it was more of a "have to do" than a i want to craft mood! I have sat at my work space and just stared at all my goodies but nothing comes to me!!!! UGH!!!!!!!!!!! help....i need inspiration or more like motiviation. My poor hubby looks at me and says "anything i can do to help" so he throws ideas at me..and i get nothing!!!!
i'm sure every scrapper has gone through this, but I need to get it back ASAP. so much to do!

aye caramba!

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